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corporate meeting minutes

Texas Corporation Meeting Minutes Service


Q: What happens if I don’t conduct a Texas Annual Corporation Meeting and keep Minutes of the meeting?

A: If your corporation has not kept adequate Minutes of Shareholder and Board Meetings this could put your Corporation at risk.

Conducting a Meeting when you first begin operation of your Texas corporation, holding an Annual Corporate Meetings, and keeping Corporate Minutes of those Meetings are required by Texas corporate laws in order to keep corporate privileges.

The State of Texas may check to see if you’ve conducted Annual Meetings and kept Minutes, if legal or financial problems should affect your Corporation, such as during any State tax audits of any sort or lawsuits that arise against your corporation. By not fulfilling these Annual Corporate Minutes obligations could result in your corporate privileges being forfeited.

Once your corporation has been forfeited by the Secretary of State of Texas, you cannot legally conduct business as a corporation and may not sue or defend a law suit. Contracts made by a forfeited corporation can be voided at the option of the other party.

Our Texas Corporation Meeting Minutes Service consists of:

  1. Receive completed transcript of your Corporate Minutes for the year that will keep you in full compliance with Texas corporate law.
  2. Receive your Corporation Meeting Minutes within 2-3 business days. We also retain a copy in our files.
  3. Reminders will be sent to you each year for your next required Texas Annual Corporation Minutes Meeting.


Texas Annual Corporation Meeting Minutes Service is $75 per corporation!

Sign up today by completing the secured form below. Once you submit the form with payment, you will immediately receive a confirmation email from us! You will receive your completed corporate meeting minutes within 2-3 business days after form submission with your payment.

Combo Package Available:

1 Year Texas Registered Agent Service + Annual Corporation Minutes Preparation is $114/year!

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