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Texas Corporate Reinstatement

Texas Corporate Reinstatement

The Texas corporate reinstatement process begins by researching and finding out why your corporation has been placed in “Bad Standing” or “Forfeiture” status. There could be reports not properly filed with The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Franchise Tax Department and possibly late fees owed. These need to be rectified before proceeding for reinstatement with The Texas Secretary of State’s office. Once we have diagnosed the issue then we get with you to proceed with steps to get your corporation back into “Good Standing”.

Texas Corporate Reinstatement Process

The Texas corporate reinstatement process takes several steps and other times not so many. This service costs varies depending on how many Texas franchise returns are behind, how much is owed in late fees, and if the current corporation name is still available to be reinstated. Most of the time we can get your corporation put back into “Active” status normally within 4-5 business days (providing your corporation name has not been taken in the mean time).

Use the Contact Form to the right to drop us a note so we can get in touch with you if your corporation is in this situation so we can work quickly to salvage your corporation’s name and privileges.

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