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Non-Profit Corporation

Texas Non-Profit Corporation Filing

The primary benefit to incorporating your charitable organization in the state of Texas is to obtain the special limited liability protection and the many tax and financial incentives available to non- profits in the State of Texas.

The fee for us to incorporate your non-profit business in Texas is $100 (includes State fees).

These are the steps we go through to get your non-profit Texas corporation set up:

  • Check for name availability with the Texas Secretary of State’s database
  • Prepare your Article of Incorporation or Organization
  • Need to have an initial board of directors (need at least 3)
  • We will apply for your Federal Employer Identification Number


Texas Non-Profit Corporation Formation

Non profits recognized as public charity or “mutual benefit” and qualify for the 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status from the IRS are liable to obtain the many benefits and privileges available to nonprofit charitable organizations such as the limited liability protection for directors and/or members and the permission to obtain grants from both public and private entities. This status also exempts the corporation from paying federal and state incomes on profits generated by the entity.

We only set up the initial formation of your Texas non-profit corporation. Once this process is complete then you will file for your 501 (c) (3) application with IRS. We do not handle that process.

Click below to start the formation process for your Texas non-profit corporation!


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