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corporate name search

Houston Corporate Name Search

A name search is a process that identifies whether your corporation name is available to be filed with the Texas Secretary of State’s office. Corporate name research is tricky. If your corporate name request is unique enough then it may go through quite easily. However, if the first two parts of your corporate name are similar to others then a Letter of Consent is needed from the company whom registered by those first two parts of your company name before you can register your corporation name. For example, if you want to register “ASAP Pool Care Inc.” but there is already a “ASAP Pool Service Inc.” listed as an active corporation in the Texas corporation database then the State will not allow you to register your name without a Letter of Consent from “ASAP Pool Service Inc.”. Once your corporation name has passed this inspection then it is determined to be available. Finally, we may proceed with filing your necessary Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization along with State filing fees.

Texas Corporation Name Search Services

We have a five-point check that we run your corporation name through, which includes speaking with the State corporation processing department, to make sure your name will process before submitting any paperwork. It’s also very important at this time to consider whether you will be going by your corporation name or will you be going by your DBA name? If you will be going by your DBA name then you will need to register your DBA name as an Assumed Name Certificate under your corporation at the same time you are incorporating your main corporation name.

We can also provide you with professional tradmark lawyers who can help protect your new company name and lo

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