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Texas Registered Agent $49/Year

Texas Registered Agent Service $49/Year!

What is a Texas registered agent?

A person or entity who is designated on public record to be a legal resident of Texas and has a physical address (no P.O. Boxes) in Texas to be present during normal business hours to accept Service of Process/legal documents on behalf of the corporation they represent. Texas requires a corporation to have a Texas registered agent to on file at all times.

Can I act as my own Texas registered agent?

You can act as your own Texas registered agent however, it may not be a good idea. You will be exposing your name and address publicly on the Texas corporations database. This means any legal papers that get served by a Sheriff or Process Server will be delivered to your personal address potentially in front of your friends, family, or neighbors.

Why Choose IncorporateMax To Be Your Texas Registered Agent?

Our name and physical address will be the one listed publicly instead of yours. This adds the utmost privacy protection to your public listing on the Texas corporations database. We currently represent over 2,000 Texas entities of all sizes throughout the State of Texas. Our rates are half the rate of our competitors because we are not a national company. Our office is located in the north Houston, Texas area designated to accept service of process on behalf of your corporation during normal business hours.

A+ BBB rating

5 Star Google Reviews

Sign Up Today And Receive:


*Texas Registered Agent Information Instantly

*Change-Over Process Starts We file the paperwork the same day for change-over with the Texas Secretary of State on your behalf. We take care of the change-over fee with the Texas Secretary of State. Once the change-over is complete, you receive a confirmation email and the approved change of registered agent certificate from the Texas Secretary of State. This process usually takes approximately 2-3 business days.

*Secure Online Client Portal You get access to an online account where you can view official documents as soon as we securely upload them.

*Privacy Protection Your personal name and address will not show up on the publicly listed Texas corporations database in the Texas registered agent area. This is a great benefit for businesses that operate from a home address. This will also prevent your current employer finding out what business you are doing on the side. You may use our address on the annual Public Information Report for further privacy protection.

*Compliance Receive email reminders so you won’t forget the very important Texas franchise tax return that is due by May 15th every year. You are required to file this report even if the corporation had $0 Gross Sales in a calendar year. Non-Profits receive email reminders for the Non-Profit periodic filing that must be done once every 4 years to the Texas Secretary of State.

*Receive Monthly Corporation Status This status is checked by funding institutions during lending procedures. You will be able to know your status at all times with us.

*Unlimited Client Support You receive real person contact for phone and email.

*Form 401-A Acceptance of Appointment and Consent to Serve as Registered Agent

*NO auto renews

*NO change of registered agent fees





What happens if you don’t maintain a Texas registered agent on file?

Failure to appoint or maintain a Texas registered agent may result in the corporation to fall out of “Active” status with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts office. This can cause an involuntary termination of the corporation or revocation of a foreign filing entity’s registration to transact business in Texas. The Texas Secretary of State will then forfeit your right to do business in Texas as a Texas corporation. This will lead to monetary penalties and a State fee to be assessed to reinstate your corporation back to “Active” status.

Renewing your Texas registered agent service?

There are NO auto-renews at time. You will receive several emails 30 days before the end of your term offering multiple payment options.


Helpful references:

The Texas Secretary of State
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts-Texas Franchise Tax
IncorporateMax Texas Annual Franchise Tax Return Filing Service


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